Mark Rust

Ithaca Festival Show Chorus Lyrics

June 4, 2021

The Best Part is Coming Home Again


The best part is coming home again

To family, or maybe your best friends

You have found a place where you’re supposed to be when

The best part is coming home again


Better Together


I can think of plenty of stuff that’s in twos, that’s on my mind

Lots of things that happen in pairs I can use, long as they rhyme


Happy To Be Here


Happy to be here, right back here again

Happy to be here, back with my old friends

And though tomorrow it's another town

I'm happy to be here now


Here We All Are Once Again


Kick off your shoes, pull off your tie

Spread out the blanket, and open the wine

Dance in the sun, sing with your friends

Here we all are once again


Hold Out Your Hand


Hold out your hand to those who cannot reach for you

Speak up for them that have no voice to say

Stand up for those who have no strength for walking

For all their tomorrows, do this for today


Holy crap, how did I get old?


Holy crap, how did I get old

I thought I was a big cheese, but I'm really just mold

“You’re as young as you feel” we’re always told

So holy crap, how did I get old


Ithaca Sunset


Watchin' the old Ithaca Sunset, it's like a painting on the sky

Watchin' the old Ithaca Sunset, and it makes me want to fly up to the

Old Ithaca Sunset, and I know that I'll be smilin' now

'Cause sometimes it just reminds me life is fine


Lake Cayuga


Lake Cayuga, with your waters blue

On your shores we gently roam

Like a beacon, guides us back again

Lake Cayuga, bring us home

Save the Bricks


Save the bricks I say, let’s save the bricks today

They’re a part of town, let’s try to keep ‘em ‘round

No matter what the cost, it’s far less than the loss

They’re not so hard to fix, let’s save the bricks


Singin’ in the Rain


But I think it’s gonna clear up, though I couldn’t tell you why

Even though it’s mostly clouds, if you look real close

You can see the blue sky

So come hell or high water, thunder cloud or hurricane

I’ll be wishin’ for some sun, but if it doesn’t come

I’ll be singin’ in the rain


Stay Away


Stay away (stay away, please stay away (please stay away)

We will hug & kiss & smooch another day

In the not too distant future you can come inside to play

But I'm asking you for now to stay away

A Summers’ Dream


Hold on to those hopes, hold on to those dreams

Hold both in your heart together

Bring dreams to your life, bring life to you dreams

And carry them on forever


Thank You Very Much


Thank you very much, thank you very very very much

Thank you very much, thank you very very much

Thank you very much, thank you very very very much

Thank you very very very much