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Our Families Came to Sing - (CD)

I’ll Remember Harry               Ithaca Sunset

Class Reunion                          High Trapeze

Music Man                                A Postcard for Martha Green

Dutch Waltz                             Our Families Came to Sing

Home Fires - (CD orCassette)

Friendly Faces                         Walk Before You Run

Head of the Family                 Keep the Home Fires Burnin’

Thanksgiving Tyme                Patriots All                

I'm Goin’ Home                        First Robin of Spring

Hard Times                               After a Fall    

Must be a Christmas Time    Love at First Sight

Legacy - (CD or Cassette)

Jumpin' in the Leaves           Minnie & Maxie McGee

My Brother & Me                    My Best Friend for Life

Easter Eggs                             When a Friend Becomes a Love

Here's to My Sister                 I Only Know My Way Home

Families Again                        My Family

Like Father, Like Son             My Little Girl

Live At the IthacaFestival – (CD)

Jumpin’ in the Leaves             Bruises Earned

Happy To Be Here                    All the Time in the World

Hello Old Friend                       The Best Part is Coming Home Again

Don’t Sing Along                     Somewhere in Tompkins County

Take Off Your Clothes             Ithaca Sunset

Sea of Silver Sand (Hammered Dulcimer) – CD

Chanson pour L’automne      Tonal Eclipse

Dance of the Belljar                 Alexander’s Birthday

The Genie’s Dream                  Sea of Silver Sand

Johanna                                    Michael’s Waltz

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